Thursday, 19 April 2007


Some good news this week for and Sensory Software Ltd who developed the Thunder screenreader talking software package.

We have been given an award by the ITC Hub in the UK. The award is for delivering social or environmental benefits through ICT. We are all delighted and appreciate this recognition of our efforts.

And we were in very good company amongst some very innovative projects. Perhaps it is a sign that a social or community approach is often the better way to deliver services to disadvantaged client groups such as the majority of visually impaired would-be computer users. Leaving such service delivery to the market-place can exclude those without money and leave others vulnerable to sales and marketing techniques. ITC lends itself particularly to a small company like CIC which has very modest resources but a great mission and vision. From our own home, we are able to communicate with needy people round the world and offer them an immediate solution to some of their literacy and information deficits.

In terms of impact, the ITC Hub Award is yet another marker that we are making excellent progress in a very short time. The number of downloads has passed the 12,000 point and some of these downloads are by trainers who serve several end-users.

I think the message is getting home that blind people have a computer route to the mainstream of society and that they don’t have to pay out £800 for specialist access software, unless they want to, of course. If they do want to and can afford it, that’s great also.


Friday, 6 April 2007

BBC Listen Again

Margaret and I are keen BBC website supporters. We especially enjoy the Listen Again facilities. Radio 4 Listen Again is stuffed with entertainment and information. Its like a complete magazine in its own right.

WebbIE includes the most straightforward way to access and enjoy BBC Listen Again. Amongst All Programs, if you keep pressing letter A, you will come to Accessible. Press Enter and the top choice is Listen Again. Press Enter and you are at the top choice of many radio programs which were broadcast over the past week. The vast list includes plays, feature programs, comedy, news items and much more. Something for everyone.

Arrow down until you hear something that takes your fancy and press Enter. You will hear the chosen program within seconds.

To achieve all this, its best to be on broadband or to go for the fastest internet connection you can manage. You will also need to have installed on your PC either RealPlayer or Alternative RealPlayer, which we actually recommend. Both packages are free as internet downloads from

But if you are not a BBC Radio 4 phonetic like us, there are lots more Listen again services in the world and, with a bit of help and exploration yourself, you can begin to discover the whole new world of internet radio. In our living room, we have connected our computer to our Hifi which enables us to hear what we like when we like it in comfort and away from the PC office desk. Its great.