Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Health Matters

Our software is used at RNIB New College, Worcester and a staff member wrote to me asking about a website with a Body Mass Calculator so that the pupils could work out if their weight was appropriate.

I found a website with a very easy and accessible such calculator:


The WebbIE software makes things easy. Cursor down to Textbox 1, Enter and type in your weight. Cursor down to Textbox 2 and Enter then type in your height. I am Imperial but you could choose Metric. Cursor down to Input Button 1 and press Enter. Finally Cursor down to the line below result and the Textbox will give you your Index which is hopefully between 18 and 25.

The actual website I was asked to try to make sense of was:


It’s a fabulous Government health site stuffed with information and good advice but the crucial button to activate the calculator did not show up in WebbIE because…Well seeing web designers don’t always understand what needs to be done.

I hope the Worcester College staff will contact the website and have it put right.

I went to that school for blind children when I was a lad and it’s the best. Not every blind child can cope in local school: I couldn’t.

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