Thursday, 25 January 2007

Unwelcome Music on Websites

I spend a lot of time with audio stuff on my computer and am always wanting to control various audio levels, including switching off unwelcome continuous music when I want to listen to a website. So this is what I do:

I have put a shortcut to the Volume Control, which is under Accessories and Entertainment, on my Desktop, quick and handy. Once in the Volume Control, I can Tab across to the particular source I want to adjust or mute and then Alt Tab back to my website in peace. If that sounds a bit too tetchy, then here are the keystrokes:

Windows Key to Start Menu, P to All Programs and A to Accessories. Then Right Cursor and Down Cursor to Volume Control. Right Click screenreader Key and Cursor Down to Send. Then Cursor Down to Shortcut to Desktop and Enter. Still with me, well you only need to do that once.

If you need to on an older system, you can rename your Volume Shortcut on the Desktop to Volume by pressing the Right Click Screenreader Key, Cursor and cursoring up to Rename. Press Enter, type in "Volume" and Enter but make sure you are focused on it, hearing it, first.

When the Volume screen is in focus, you have the opportunity to control the level of all audio, your CD player, the microphone and any Midi or Midi keyboard you are using as well. Use the Tab key to move amongst the choices, the Cursor Keys to control levels and the Spacebar to select Mute or Not Mute.

Oh, if only I could see to click and point!!! My head is full of silly keystroke sequences; But its a great challenge our blind way and audio is such fun for us on the computer.


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